Our Program

Launch, Grow and Scale Your Business

Be guided by powerhouse leaders Marisa Peer and John Davy and fast-track your path to more clients, less overwhelm, and the financial freedom you dream of.

Our program

Launch, Grow and Scale Your Business

Be guided by powerhouse leaders Marisa Peer and John Davy and fast-track your path to more clients, less overwhelm, and the financial freedom you dream of.

More clients, less overwhelm

You Want To Help People, but Didn’t Expect To Have To Become a Marketing Wiz To Do It, Right?

You’ve done the hard part, which was following your dream to help transform people’s lives in your chosen profession—often challenging you to overcome huge personal and financial hurdles. Now you’re ready to help heal the world but have no idea how to find those people to help? There is so much information about everything you should be doing and so many people that make it seem so easy, yet your results don’t match your efforts. This is exactly why John and Marisa developed the Practitioner Marketing program.


Grow Your Confidence

Start working with clients, or grow your existing client base, by finding your confidence as an expert in
 your field.


Grow Your Competence

Attract more clients and increase your level of expertise as you see the incredible transformations you can help them achieve.

Grow Your Influence

Grow your name and reputation among your ideal clients and industry experts by positioning yourself in the best way possible.

Your Path to Success Is Waiting...

Nowena has ordered her dream Tesla just 3 months after joining the program by refining her niche, creating a program and working with her ideal clients!

“I have always worked 9-5 and had no clue about how to set myself up as a business woman. Joining the VIP has propelled me to being able to help people within the community: our mentors were humans but with superpowers! They saw each of us as people with individual needs and by the end of the program I was able to quit my teaching job and focus on my passion for helping others.” – Nowena Piispa 

Note from our founders

Your Industry-Leading Guides

Hi, Marisa and John here. 

When you have reached a place of success in your life, what most people want is to find a way to give back. We couldn’t think of any greater purpose than to use our shared experience to guide people in the profession of helping others to find success themselves.

You’re here because you want to help people, and we are here to help you do that. 

We have developed Practitioner Marketing to help you navigate the often daunting areas of running a business, step-by-step, to help you achieve the success you deserve and focus your time on what you do best, helping people.



Marisa & John 

What You'll Learn

7 Modules to Take You From Stuck, Struggling, and Overwhelmed
to Getting Paying Clients Consistently:

Ensure that you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve from your practice and the actions and goals that will get you there. Discover the habits and the business mindset that will help you to achieve success.
Dive into the benefits of starting with a specialized area of work, or “niche.” Then consider your purpose, other industry leaders, and exactly what transformation you want to create for others in order to consider the offer you will start with.
Explore the details of your ideal client and learn why knowing this is vital to being able to attract, engage and convert them into paying clients.

Delve into the science behind storytelling, view easy to follow examples of how to structure a story and learn to create stories that attract and inspire your ideal clients.

Learn the strategy and daily tactics for sharing your offer with your ideal clients, without being distracted and overwhelmed with complicated marketing tactics.

Learn how to price your service and how to develop packages or programs, plus how to lead engaging discovery calls that build rapport with and convert your prospects into clients.
Effectively follow up with clients in order to start the word-of-mouth referral process, provide invaluable social proof, and equip yourself with the rock-solid confidence that you are an expert in your field.



7 Self-Led Video Modules

Follow along at a pace that suits you and apply the practical steps to your own business.

A Supportive Community of Peers

Share your wins, ask questions, and surround yourself with like-minded experts.

6 Business Mindset Hypnotherapy Audios

Rewire any existing mindset barriers that may be stopping you from achieving your goals for your business.

A Monthly Q&A Feed

Post your questions and hear from our team, live once per month, about common themes to help you progress through the program.

This could be you...

From Stuck and Overwhelmed To Confident and Thriving

Hear directly from our students about how Practitioner Marketing has allowed them to attract the clients they desire whilst fulfilling their ultimate business goals.

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This program is right for you
if you want to:

Quit Chasing Clients

Let the right clients align to you instead.

Launch Your Business Successfully

Focus your time, energy and money on the right actions.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Follow the guidance of Marisa Peer and John Davy and discover the shortcuts to success.

Rewire Unhelpful Mindsets

Rewire your mindset to one of an abundant, stress free, and successful entrepreneur.

Start Focusing on Profit

Take action on the activity that will generate revenue for your business.

Make More Impact

Start using your expertise to make life-changing transformations on others and develop a reputation for it.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Unearth and share your own story and unique message in a way that is authentic and aligned to you.

Effortlessly Covert Prospects Into Clients

Learn to position yourself, price your service appropriately and lead engaging discovery calls.

Sinead doubled the number of consistent clients she was seeing per week

“I went from seeing one client a week to two clients a week and then … I was consistently getting two clients a week to maybe three and then in January … It’s just been three consistently every week…. I was just so busy in January that I couldn’t keep up!” – Sinead Doohan

Your training Packages

Choose Between Our Two Training Packages Customised to Suit Everyone, Wherever You Are​ in Your Business

Lifetime access to over 10 hours of training as part of our 7-step blueprint to success

A supportive community of peers

Six business mindset hypnotherapy audios

A monthly Q&A feed

Access to Practitioner Marketing Self-Paced program with an additional VIP experience:

"Kick off call' to get you set up for success

Weekly group coaching calls

in an exclusive community group

Support and inspiration

from our high flying VIP students

Additional resources

Including social media templates, 10 hours + of Masterminds and the VIP Playbook

Quarterly Q&A call with John and Marisa

Why train with us?

Experts in Delivering World-Class, Results Driven Training

With over 10,000+ students trained through John and Marisa’s multi-award-winning companies, we know a thing or two about delivering results driven training.


Experienced Training Providers

Industry expert training providers with bespoke experience of growing therapy and coaching businesses.

Developed by
World Class Experts

Developed by internationally renowned therapist Marisa Peer and multi-7-figure marketer and entrepreneur, John Davy.

Tested and Verified by Mindset Experts

Tested by experts exactly like you who have achieved incredible results for their business and life.

Don't just take it from us...

Hear How Practitioner Marketing Has Changed People's Lives..

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Want to Start On Your Path
To Success But Still Unsure?

Still unsure? We get it. There are so many programs and options out there that it can be hard to know which is right for you. This is why we offer you a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee if you are not certain this is for you within 14 days of purchase.

Start your journey today towards gaining more clarity, confidence and skills with the support of experts who have walked the path you are on. 


14 Day Money-Back Guarantee