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Be guided by powerhouse leaders Marisa Peer and John Davy and fast-track your path to more clients, less overwhelm, and financial freedom.

What is practitioner marketing?

Transform Their Lives as You Transform Yours

Practitioner Marketing is an end-to-end program, created and led by industry leading experts, that trains serviced-based professionals to manage and scale their business with simple, effective, proven methods.

Students will discover the exact strategies they need to focus on in order to get the results they desire, whilst being guided by renowned therapist Marisa Peer, multi seven-figure marketer and entrepreneur, John Davy, and their incredible team.

Simple, Effective Marketing Tactics

Habits To Help You Succeed

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Help and Support From Industry Experts

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“Before this program I had no clue how to promote my business. I didn’t want the candy-coated version of doing business. My result- I have a short-term and long-term strategy. I’ve since been interviewed on a podcast, I’ve held one group hypnotherapy course, and I have a second group booked in a couple of weeks.”
Natalie Mesbah
Practitioner Marketing Member

how it started

From Unknown to Globally Recognized, This Is John and Marisa’s Powerful Story.

Marisa Peer Trains as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist
Marisa develops a stellar repuation and goes on to transform the lives of celebrities, VIP & even royalty.
John Davy Begins To Build His Empire
From a chain of comedy clubs, dozens of culinary and commercial properties and coaching businesses, John thrives in growing highly profitable ventures.
Marisa & John Davy Meet, Fall in Love and Join Forces
John and Marisa establish the RTT ® school and set out to train others in Marisa’s powerful RTT ® method.
The RTT®️ Method Is Born

Marisa develops the RTT® method which gains incredible momentum and goes on to train over 10,000 therapists worldwide.

RTT®️ Wins Multiple International Awards

The incredible results of the powerful RTT ® method become more wide-spread as more and more RTT ® therapists are trained.

John and Marisa Are Inspired To Develop Practitioner Marketing
John and Marisa set out to develop training to ensure that no expert is held back by their inability to market themselves.

Our Founders

Meet Your Industry-Leading Guides

Together, Marisa and John make a powerhouse team that have already transformed the lives of thousands through their pioneering company Rapid Transformational Therapy®. With Practitioner Marketing, they team up yet again to provide practitioners with a unique opportunity to fast-track their growth by learning from the successes and failures that built them their multi-million-dollar businesses, and impacted the lives of millions too.

Marisa Peer – Practitioner Marketing

Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer is a renowned therapist, best-selling author, and businesswoman known for revolutionizing the world of therapy. Since founding her Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT®️) school in 2015 with her husband, John Davy, she has trained upwards of 10,000 individuals in her life-changing methods, with the trickle-down effects of RTT®️ reaching many thousands more.

With multiple online properties spanning online courses, e-trainings, and e-commerce, Marisa has leveraged a thriving in-person practice into a massively successful online business. Prior to building this multi-faceted online enterprise, her therapy practice required virtually no marketing for many years, running on the positive word of mouth of her clients, including rockstars, CEOs, athletes, and the like. This organic but vocal following naturally translated into success in the online business world.

Marisa’s strong personal brand has helped her become a regular contributor and quoted expert in media as well as a sought-after speaker. She has been a contributor and columnist to publications including Closer, Men’s Fitness, and major Sunday newspapers, plus frequently appears as an expert on the BBC and television networks all over the world. She’s been invited to speak all over the world from TEDx and Condé Nast to the Royal Society of Medicine about her impassioned and effective approach to changing people’s lives from within. 

Wellbeing Coaches

John Davy – Practitioner Marketing

John Davy

Fluent in both the digital and conventional business realms, John is passionate about brand and fast roll-out strategies. John currently owns and has investments in multiple seven-figure online businesses, remaining hands-on in their strategy and growth. He consults on e-commerce and online customer journey, offering his knowledge and experience to entrepreneurs who want to produce profitable online business companies.

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