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Your Opportunity To Fast-Track Your Success, Step Out of Overwhelm and Learn From Industry Leaders.

What we do

Helping You To Let Go of Overwhelm and Follow a Proven Path to a Successful Business

Our powerhouse team of experts, led by industry leaders Marisa Peer and John Davy, support you every step of the way to achieve the results and impact you deserve.


Attract a Steady Flow
of Your Ideal Clients

Focus on the strategy and tactics that will attract paying clients and allow you to be known as the expert that you are.

Upgrade Your
Mindset and Habits

Adopt new habits for success and re-wire your mind to support you in making the impact you desire.


Gain Support From Like-Minded Experts and Peers

Surround yourself with the right people to support you, encourage you, and share your questions and experiences with.

Looking for Ways To Find Paying Clients?

Download your FREE guide on simple tactics for getting yourself known both on and offline, as used by leading therapist herself, Marisa Peer.

who we help

These are just some of the professionals that our program is helping:

Health Coaches


RTT® Therapists




Mental Health Professionals


Relationship Coaches




Energy Healers




Wellbeing Coaches


Intuitive Coaches


Personal Trainers


Service Based Professionals

"I have always worked 9-5 and had no clue about how to set myself up as a business woman. Joining the VIP has propelled me to being able to help people within the community: our mentors were humans but with superpowers! They saw each of us as people with individual needs and by the end of the program I made 7 figures and quit my teaching job to focus on my passion for helping others."
Nowena Piispa
Practitioner Marketing Member

This could be you...

From Stuck and Overwhelmed To Confident and Thriving

Hear directly from our students about how the Practitioner Marketing VIP program has allowed them to attract the clients they desire whilst fulfilling their ultimate business goals.

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Learn the Fundamentals to Success

The Practitioner Marketing program was developed with you in mind to help you every step of the way to achieve the results you desire.

Our founders, John Davy and Marisa Peer, are passionate about ensuring that anyone who sets out to change their life and help others do the same has the right tools and support to achieve this.

Using a simple strategy and tactics so that you can focus on what you do best – helping others.
Finding the right specialism for you to position yourself as an expert and to allow you to engage with, attract and transform the right clients.
Hypnosis audios to rewire outdated thinking into inspiring, healthy thoughts and habits that help you to achieve your goals.
Position yourself as an expert in your field and speak confidently about your work and achievements.
Tools, templates, workbooks and stellar training as well as a thriving community of experts to support you on your path to success.

Learn from the best

Meet Your Industry-Leading Guides

Marisa Peer and John Davy comprise a stellar team, with a combined 50+ years dominating both the online business and therapy world. 

Together, they built the multi-award winning company, Rapid Transformational Therapy® which has to date trained over 10,000+ therapists and reaches millions every week via its formidable social media presence.

Practitioner Marketing combines the invaluable knowledge of this powerhouse couple, with the expert guidance of their team, to fast-track its students to the kind of success and impact that is typically hard to find alone.

“So now I have my own clientele and I have a business that’s going. I know how to use the media and the technology and my success is in my hands and the biggest thing … is the ability to know that I’m helping people … helping myself … when the people are helped or they come to me, there is such a wonderful exchange there and I get paid for that and accepting that I’m worth that.”
Elizabeth Stead
Practitioner Marketing Member