From Overwhelmed To Overbooked: Discover How You Too Can Become An In-Demand Practitioner With Amazing Clients… Even If You’ve Tried Everything Else Before & Failed!

Platinum Marketing Toolkit Is A 12-Week Program Specially Designed To Help You Get Your First Paying Clients 100% Organically So You Can Amplify Your Impact & Help More People Without Wasting Time Or Money!

Message From Marisa: ‘Platinum Marketing Toolkit is based on all the work I’ve done over 33 years with hundreds of RTT® students. It’s the most powerful ‘non-salesy’ approach to marketing your business and is specifically designed for practitioners!’

Imagine never struggling to find your dream clients – clients that are a pleasure to work with…

Where your practice is full, and you’re in high demand, so you never have to worry about where your next client is going to come from…

Imagine using your incredible skills to get clients powerful breakthroughs for their toughest challenges…

Where your clients RAVE about you to others, so you have endless opportunities to help even MORE people…

Imagine the difference you could make!

Being able to make an impact and a difference is the highlight of being an amazing practitioner.

However, if you’re a therapist who doesn’t yet have the skills or confidence to get clients consistently…

Then chances are, you’ll struggle to get your business off the ground.

Unfortunately, there’s so much conflicting information and advice online about starting a business and getting clients…

Sadly, most coaches, therapists, and practitioners fall into the usual “marketing trap” when they first qualify:

Fancy (also known as expensive) websites

Posting multiple times a day on several social media platforms

Building an email list

Creating sales funnels

The latest marketing trend...

No wonder so many practitioners feel exhausted, stressed out, and drowning in total overwhelm.

The truth is, when you don’t have clarity on what you SHOULD be doing, it becomes all too easy to be pulled in a million different directions with things you THINK you should be doing.

Ultimately, not knowing how and where to start can quickly become time-consuming, costly, and stressful.

Worse, self-doubt, fear of failure, and being judged by others can really make you feel as if you’re not good enough…

Finding clients for your practice shouldn’t be so hard! 

That’s why we created the ultimate program to help you conquer your fears and confidently fill your practice with amazing clients…

Introducing Platinum Marketing Toolkit - A 12-Week Group Coaching Program Designed To Help You Start And Grow A Successful Business Without Wasting Time & Money On All The Wrong Things…

Created by Marisa Peer’s personal marketing team, Platinum Marketing Toolkit is an end-to-end marketing program that contains everything you need to market yourself and get an endless stream of clients

It’s a high touch-point program with weekly group coaching calls, so be prepared to get lots of support from our team!

The aim of this program is simple - to help you confidently get new clients 100% organically… without spending a penny on ads or other marketing.

With Platinum Marketing Toolkit, you’ll be able to:

Create a flexible career around your commitments

Earn a consistent and comfortable income

Start your own business the right way without being distracted by shiny objects

Hit the ground running without worrying if you’re doing it right

Confidently attract and enroll amazing clients who love you and rave about you to others

If you’re looking to make a difference from your new skills as a therapist, Platinum Marketing Toolkit will help you impact as many people as possible – and all WITHOUT:

Fancy websites

Building an email list

Creating complicated funnels

Running ads

Doing webinars

Creating a podcast

Fancy tech

Hiring a marketer

Or indeed any other trick, trend, or fad the latest marketing experts say you “should” be doing.

The reality is these things are hard to master and can therefore quickly burn through your hard-earned cash and lead to overwhelm. 

Believe it or not, NONE of these things are necessary as a newly qualified practitioner!

Instead, We’re Going To Show You An Easy, Elegant Way To Confidently Get Your First Paying Clients 100% Organically - With ZERO Marketing Spend…

There are 3 core principles we teach our students so they can attract great clients 100% organically:

  1. NICHE – Ensure you have a thriving niche where people are actively looking for help solving their problems
  2. AVATAR – Figure out who your ideal client is and how you can help them
  3. MESSAGING – Clarify your message then amplify or magnify the message to reach as many of your ideal clients as possible

That’s it – 3 simple but powerful principles – not a dozen different things to try and master!

In fact, we share the SAME marketing and business-building strategies as used by Marisa’s marketing team to get incredible clients - we hold NOTHING BACK!

We’ve had countless therapists successfully use these methods to start and grow their businesses, and you can do it too!

With Platinum Marketing Toolkit, you’ll be able to:

Quit chasing clients and let the right clients align with you instead

Launch your business successfully from the very beginning

Use the same business and marketing strategies that have helped build a global brand presence for Marisa Peer

Learn everything you need to grow your business from zero to a thriving practice full of fantastic clients

Avoid the stress of the classic ‘boom and bust’ cycles common with startup therapists (no more bad months and dry spells ever!)

Make more impact as you’ll always have a growing practice of people you can help

The secret behind Platinum Marketing Toolkit is that we focus on what’s working right now – without being pulled in a million different directions. 

Our mentors are highly experienced business owners, and their marketing skills are nothing short of world-class – meaning you’re in excellent hands and learning from the very best.

As part of Platinum Marketing Toolkit, you’ll get on weekly group coaching calls with your mentors, who will guide you through the program and your next steps, helping you get unstuck so you can get incredible results.

Even better, we don’t just teach you theory! 

Instead, you’ll discover tried, tested, and proven techniques our mentors personally use themselves so you can be confident in implementing them yourself. 

Aside from our amazing team, Platinum Marketing Toolkit is not like other marketing programs out there because…

It’s Designed To Help You Think Strategically Like A CEO…

Platinum Marketing Toolkit is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it includes business mindset training to develop the resilience needed to start your business powerfully. 

This will give you the courage and drive to excel on a professional level to continue to grow and get even more amazing clients.

Secondly, it helps you deal with your money mindset so you can confidently charge your worth and get it…

The reality is that despite creating huge breakthroughs for clients, the majority of therapists under-value their ability, which is why having the right money mindset is crucial for your success. 

Thirdly, you’ll learn about important business fundamentals, so you’re not poking around in the dark, trying to figure things out yourself…

In short, Platinum Marketing Toolkit is about helping you become the CEO of your business so you can achieve the level of success you absolutely deserve.

And unlike other programs which focus too much on the tactics, Platinum Marketing Toolkit focuses heavily on sharing the right message to the right prospects so you can effortlessly enroll them into paying clients. 

This is key to your success because you’ll never have to worry about hustling for clients or doing a million different things online again. 

Once you understand how to create the right messaging, your ideal prospects will align themselves with you, making it easy to get clients – even if you’re brand new with zero experience.

In fact, the skills you’ll find inside Platinum Marketing Toolkit will mean you’ll never have to worry about ‘quiet months’ again.

We believe every therapist deserves to have a meaningful and impactful career, but not every therapist knows how to achieve this. 

That’s why Platinum Marketing Toolkit is the perfect antidote to the stress and overwhelm of trying to start a successful business because we strip away all the fluff and give you an easy-to-follow roadmap to success instead.

All you need to do is apply the strategies you’ll discover and then rinse and repeat – that’s it!

With Platinum Marketing Toolkit, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Work for yourself, so you can confidently face the future as an in-demand transformational therapist

Learn to navigate the serious side of business with ease

Inspire your prospects using the right messaging, so they’re eager to work with you - even if you’ve never had clients before

Practical ongoing support at every stage of your business- from coaching calls to our on-demand trainings and private community, we’ve got everything you need to accelerate your results

Confidently build your business without wasting your time or money doing the wrong things

Stay fully booked - you’ll learn how to keep your practice fully booked - no more ‘quiet months’!

Ultimately, the Platinum Marketing Toolkit will allow you to take charge of your practice without feeling overwhelmed, out of your depth, or stuck because you don’t know what to do or when to take action.

Want in?

All you need to do is click the button below to get started today:

Here’s What You’ll Get With Platinum Marketing Toolkit

Platinum Marketing Toolkit will eliminate the confusion of marketing your business so you can build a brilliant practice by only doing what works. 

Here’s what you’ll get when you join Platinum Marketing Toolkit:

12 weeks of on-demand video lessons (Valued at $497) designed to help you grow a robust business from the ground up - all you need to do is watch, apply and benefit

Weekly group coaching calls (Valued at $6000) with world-class mentors so you can get advice on your most pressing challenges and problems, get unstuck, and more importantly, accelerate your results!

21-Day online Visibility Challenge (Valued at $497)- Our students have RAVED about the challenge, which is designed to help you get calls booked from ideal clients 100% organically from social media

Weekly content teardowns (Valued at $1200) - You’ll have the opportunity to have your content critiqued weekly on our teardowns so you can feel confident putting your messaging out there to your ideal clients

Mindset hypnosis audios (Valued at $197)- Struggling with self-doubt and procrastination? Worried about charging your worth and getting it? With Marisa’s mindset hypnosis audios, you’ll have everything you need to break through your own limiting beliefs FAST!

Platinum Marketing Toolkit ALSO Includes The Following Bonuses:

Q&A with Marisa Peer And John Davy (Valued at $1000) - You’ll get the chance to have your burning questions answered by Marisa Peer and her husband, John Davy - a highly successful serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in business-building behind him

Bonus Resource Vault (Valued at $500) - Unlock more advanced marketing strategies with our secret vault loaded with additional trainings designed to accelerate the growth of your business

Private Facebook group (Priceless!) - Got questions that can’t wait until your coaching calls? We have you covered with our Facebook group, where you can get answers and share your thoughts in a highly supportive community

Private WhatsApp group (Priceless!) - Need a dose of motivation and inspiration? Our WhatsApp group is the perfect place for you to celebrate your breakthroughs and wins with the rest of your group

Kick-Off orientation call (Valued at $250) - Get the most out of your journey inside Platinum Marketing Toolkit with a kick-off orientation call designed to help set you up for success with the entire program

In short, you’ll get everything you need to powerfully attract and enroll your dream clients into your business.

Even better, you’ll focus on the core business and marketing principles and strategies that will help you attract the right clients and consistently grow your business. 

As part of your training, you’ll do a deep dive into business fundamentals to confidently handle any challenge in your business. 

Plus, you’ll discover the best business mindset and marketing techniques from Marisa and John Davy so you can be sure you’re in excellent hands. 

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the VIP program:

How to price and package your expertise so you can charge your worth and get it

How to identify your ideal clients so you only work with the people you love

Confidently deal with money blocks that are holding you back from success

How to nail your purpose and your offer so your perfect prospects can align with you and become amazing clients

How to re-word your existing website, so it converts more clicks into clients

Understand the power of stories when selling, so selling becomes easy and natural

How to create a test product/service for your market, so you feel confident selling services your clients want and need

The key skills you need to sell your services and powerfully close clients on calls without sounding pushy or “salesy”

How to build your presence online using social media to effortlessly attract your ideal clients without wasting time or money

The easiest way to find new and recurring clients like clockwork, so you never have to deal with a bad or slow month again

There’s currently no other training program for therapists, healers, and coaches anywhere that offers what Platinum Marketing Toolkit can offer…

But Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Just Listen To What Some Of Our Students Had To Say…

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much Platinum Marketing Toolkit is… and for what you’re getting…

It’s Surprisingly Much Less Than You Think!​

Platinum Marketing Toolkit contains everything you need to confidently succeed as the CEO of your business with a steady stream of great clients 100% organically…

We should mention at this point that the majority of ‘client attraction’ group coaching programs out there are priced anywhere between $7000 and $10,000…

But NONE of them specialize in helping practitioners get their business off the ground…

Worse, they teach you aggressive sales techniques, which can really feel out of alignment for you…

Plus, most programs will remove access from the material once you’ve finished – a disaster if you don’t manage to get through all the program.

Platinum Marketing Toolkit is different.

Not only do we focus on helping you get clients where selling is easy and frictionless (because it doesn’t rely on old-school ‘pushy and salesy’ pressure tactics)…

But you also continue to get access to the program content for a full year after you’ve finished – so you can always go back through anything you need help with. 

We even allow you to use the content teardowns for a full year so you can be sure you’re using the right words with your audience. 

Platinum Marketing Toolkit truly is a one-stop solution for getting clients and building your business from the ground up. 

The value of the Platinum Marketing Toolkit program is valued at $8391, and the bonuses come to $1850…

That’s a total real-world value of $10,241…

And for what you’re getting, it’s a steal because we’re 100% confident in our ability to help you get incredible results.

But you won’t pay anywhere near that today because we want to help you hit the ground running with your incredible skills.

That’s why Platinum Marketing Toolkit is available today for just $2800.

For the price of a family holiday, you’re getting all the skills you could possibly need to have a thriving business. 

Even better, you can get started today for as LITTLE as $666.67 with our 6-month payment plan.

That’s the equivalent cost of a weekend away with the family – and for how it can transform your life, we think you’ll agree it will be the smartest decision you’ve ever made in your business. 

And if you’re still on the fence, then you can…

Try Platinum Marketing Toolkit RISK-FREE For 14-Days With Our ‘Love It’ Or ‘Lose It’ Guarantee…

We’ve seen the results our students have achieved with Platinum Marketing Toolkit, and we firmly stand behind the quality of our training. 

Join Platinum Marketing Toolkit, dive straight into the training, get on the coaching calls, and take action —100% RISK-FREE for 14 days.

If you don’t LOVE the program and agree this can help you find your first paying clients, simply request a full refund—no questions asked. 

There’s nothing to lose but everything to gain!

If you want to excel as a fantastic therapist who gets to have a pipeline full of exceptional clients, then the Platinum Marketing Toolkit could help you get there – FAST. 

Be Warned, Though - Platinum Marketing Toolkit Is NOT For Everyone!

We want you to excel as a transformational therapist, coach, or healer, which is why Platinum Marketing Toolkit isn’t for everyone! It’s perfect if you’re a therapist, coach, or healer who:

Is newly qualified with no clients or business experience

Has an existing business that swings between good and bad months

Wants to impact the lives of your clients without the marketing holding you back

Want a foolproof way to start your own business

Want to transition into having your own business and have no idea where to start

Like the idea of an organic and non-salesy approach to selling your services

While Platinum Marketing Toolkit is designed to give you all the tools, techniques, and strategies necessary for building a successful business, you MUST be the right fit for this program. 

That means you need to be:

Open to listening and feedback

Coachable and able to take direction

Willing to do the work

100% committed to the process

If this isn’t something you like the idea of, then this program isn’t for you!

If, on the other hand, you’re ready to stop playing small and you’re ready and willing to step into the role of CEO of your business, then you’re going to LOVE Platinum Marketing Toolkit…

So Now You Have Two Choices…

You can either stay stuck and struggling, drowning in overwhelm, and wasting time and money on all the wrong things (that don’t lead to getting clients consistently)…

Or you can join Platinum Marketing Toolkit and get clarity on how to run a successful business filled with your ideal clients.

What’s it to be?

Take control of your business and get ready to get amazing results with Platinum Marketing Toolkit – all you need to do is click the button below to get started:

Here’s A Recap Of Everything In Platinum Marketing Toolkit:

As a reminder, here’s what you’ll get when you join Platinum Marketing Toolkit today:

12 weeks of on-demand video lessons valued at $497

Weekly group coaching calls valued at $6000

21-Day online Visibility Challenge valued at $497

Weekly content teardowns valued at $1200

Mindset hypnosis audios valued at $197

Total value comes to $8391

You’ll also get the following bonuses:

Q&A With Marisa Peer And John Davy valued at $1000

Bonus Resource Vault valued at $500

Private Facebook group (priceless!)

Private WhatsApp group (priceless!)

Kick-Off orientation call valued at $250

Total value of bonuses comes to $1850


Platinum Marketing Toolkit: My First Paying Client contains everything you need to succeed and hit the ground running with amazing clients who love what you do and are excited to work with you!

Even better, everything inside of Platinum Marketing Toolkit is tried, tested, and more importantly, has allowed our students to successfully use these methods to attract clients 100% organically!

And the best part is, you don’t need to worry about spending money on marketing or tech! 

Don’t forget, with Platinum Marketing Toolkit, you’ll be able to:

Develop competence AND confidence in your skills

Eradicate overwhelm by focusing on what actually works

Find and attract clients using your personal story

Build your portfolio relatively quickly

Gain confidence in what you’re promoting

Attract clients organically without marketing spend

Fill your practice with your ideal clients

Start earning a stable and consistent income from your skills

Give your career a wonderful kickstart!

So, if you want to make a difference without:

Worrying where your next client is coming from

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out

Complicated and costly marketing methods

Then you’ll LOVE Platinum Marketing Toolkit or your money back – guaranteed!

We’d love for you to join us and become our next success story so you can confidently grow an incredible practice full of your ideal clients.

Don’t delay having the practice you deserve. 

Get ahead of the competition and start building your business the right way from today.

Just click the button below to get started, and we look forward to welcoming you into Platinum Marketing Toolkit.

With love

The Platinum Marketing Team

P.S. – If you skipped to the end, here’s what you need to know:

Platinum Marketing Toolkit is a 12-week end-to-end group coaching program that contains everything you need to market yourself and get an endless stream of ideal clients 100% organically

And all without wasting time and money on marketing or tech. Our students have had some incredible results, and with the support of our world-class marketing team – we can help you too!

It’s the perfect end-to-end solution that will give you the skills and the confidence to run a successful business with ease.

Just click the button below to get started, and we look forward to welcoming you into Platinum Marketing.

Results cannot be guaranteed, moreover, results from individual testimonials are for reference only and your own personal experience may differ to those shown on this site.