How to use the Power of Words to Change Your Reality

I worked with a client who was totally overwhelmed by her life. Her children were hard to manage, her husband unhelpful, and her business left her feeling overstretched and overwhelmed every day. During our session, I listened to the language she was using. She repeatedly said, “I can’t cope. I can’t cope with my badly […]

The Four Traits of Successful People

People often come to my office for a session with me or buy my books when they feel they haven’t achieved enough success in their lives. They ask me to tell them what the traits of successful people are and how they can become successful in their career, achieve their creative ambitions, or just create […]

How To Choose Your Business Name

There’s certainly a lot of pressure on choosing a name for any business. Everyone wants it to be perfect, but unfortunately, Google, Apple, and Nike are already taken. All joking aside, these are examples of three companies that would always be successful and known independently of their names because the brands were built on product […]

Goal Setting

How To Become a Pro in Self-Accountability and a Successful Business Owner Learn how to become a pro in self-accountability and achieve any goal you set for yourself.  In her book, I Am Enough, Marisa Peer talks about how there is no shortcut to goal setting and accountability, but there is a guarantee. Marisa explains: […]